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About Brodie

Life Long Learner

Brodie McGee is a lifelong learner and an experienced educator, researcher, and consultant who is passionate about making a positive impact in the education industry. With over a decade of experience in the field, Brodie has worked in various sites, situations, and scenarios, consistently delivering excellence to students and educators alike.

As an experienced educator, Brodie has taught across different states in Australia, honing their skills and expertise in various curricula and teaching methods. Moreover, Brodie has extensive experience in leading teams of educators, providing direction, support, and motivation to deliver quality education.

Brodie's areas of interest and experience include digital tools, pedagogies, and practical applications, and this has been instrumental in developing and leading professional development programs to support schools and staff in using digital tools effectively. These developed courses range from Digital Pedagogies, through to more recent technologies like ChatGPT. Brodie understands that the effective use of digital tools can save schools and staff time and money, while also improving the quality of education that students receive.

In addition to their practical experience, Brodie's academic qualifications are a testament to their dedication and commitment to lifelong learning. Brodie holds a Bachelor of Education (Middle and Secondary) from Flinders University, a Masters of Educational Leadership from Southern Cross University, and is completing a PhD in Virtual Learning Environments at the University of Southern Queensland.

Brodie's research in virtual learning environments and the use of head-mounted-display VR systems is cutting-edge. Their research is focused on enhancing student learning outcomes and improving the overall educational experience by creating innovative virtual learning experiences. Brodie's work is helping to shape the future of education.

Overall, Brodie McGee is a friendly, approachable, and highly skilled educator, researcher, and consultant with extensive experience in leading teams and developing and leading professional development programs. Brodie's passion for lifelong learning, coupled with their expertise and experience, make them an invaluable asset to any organization looking to improve their education outcomes.

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